Christmas gift: Fill in a form and get a REAL postcard from Lithuania!

I apologise, but this possibility already stopped.

Only until December 18! The Lithuanian Global Network would like to send each visitor a Christmas present: a REAL (paper, not electronic) greeting card, which will be delivered to your home by … well, not quite Santa Claus, but the postman acting for him, by Christmas morning.

If you would like to have something from Lithuania to remember Christmas 1998, or if you would like to surprise a friend, just fill out the form below. (This is a free service, but if Christmas spirit moves you to send a little something to help cover costs, you will get my address when you have filled out the form.)

Name and Surname: 
(eg John Smith)

     Your E-mail: 
(A confirmation that the card has been sent)

Home address (eg 1200 West Lake Street, Chicago, ILL [zip code], USA):

Your message: For example, would you like to have a Lithuanian E-mail address for a very
small fee, for example

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