Performance of Saulius Sondeckis

Saulius Sondeckis is going to give a concert together with the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra

Lithuanian version  

Saulius Sondeckis On the 10th of November the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra will be conducted by one of the most famous conductors of Lithuania, a world-famous musician and orchestra educator professor Saulius Sondeckis. Violoncello solo will be played by the conductor's son Vytautas Sondeckis, the Radio of Germany Orchestra's concertmaster, the laureate of several international competitions, a soloist. There will be the overture from the music to the play "Rozamunda" by Franz Schubert performed as well as "The Great Symphony" C-dur and "The Concert for Violoncello and Orchestra" by Edward Elgar. The concert will take place in The Congress Palace of Vilnius.

Saulius Sondeckis' name has been well-known in the world of music for a very long time. Over the 50 years of creative work with the chamber orchestra established and educated by him, the conductor has visited many countries. This orchestra was considered as one of the most professional orchestras in the world (apart from "Virtuosos of Moscow" and "Muzici di Rome").

Although Saulius Sondeckis does not lead The Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra any longer, and rarely gives concerts in Lithuania, his life of creator remains very tense. The conductor is a creative leader and a senior conductor of St. Petersburg State Hermitage Orchestra and the main invited conductor of The Chamber Orchestra "Virtuosos of Moscow" established by V.Spivakov. Right now Saulius Sondeckis gives a great number of concerts in various cities of Russia, receives applauses from the music lovers in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Latvia, the Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Japan. Very recently the talent of the Lithuanian professor was highly evaluated by the leaders of the famous St. Petersburg N.A.Rimkij-Korsakov Academy: on the 20th of October Saulius Sondeckis was awarded by the title of Honour Professor of this higher school.