Kudirka comes home,
pederasts rape their nation

Simas Kudirka, whose attempt to escape to the United States from behind Iron Curtain in 1970 created an international incident, has said that Lithuania is now headed by "political daltonics".

Kudirka, now 70, is back in Lithuania after 30 years as an émigré and is arranging the purchase of a house in the Vilkaviskis district, the Ekstra, Lithuanian weekly magazine reported.

He was a sailor on the fishing trawler Sovietskaya Litva when he bravely jumped to the deck of a US Coast Guard vessel and requested political asylum. However, he was returned to the Soviet ship by force and later sentenced to 10 years in prison for his attempted flight. At the time, the story was given wide coverage in the US and Western press and was even later made into a TV movie by one of the major American networks. Kudirka was eventually granted permission to go to the USA after almost four years in Soviet labour camps, as his mother had been born there and was therefore a citizen. He eventually settled in California.

He was recently quoted as saying,in reference to today's Lithuania, that "[large] numbers of people do not have enough money to buy food, while the pederasty is marching in wide steps seizing everything on the way". The "pederasty", in Kudirka's terms, are the country leaders who "rape their nation."

"People are starting to say that the Soviet times were better. This is bad, very bad", said Kudirka. "I say, we should stand firm on a Lithuanian brick and keep the color[ed] liquid from leaking into our pants. It's fine if we are not accepted into Europe, but we should never again bring the 'sun' from Moscow".

Prepared by "The Baltic Times", a weekly published in Riga, capital of Latvia, another Baltic state  

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Roberto Sunday, November 19, 2000, 17:51:50
Simas is absolutely right! We are, and always will be proud of such Lithuanians, like Simas Kudirka!

Adolfas Wednesday, November 1, 2000, 22:57:09
Bollocks anyway.
Who gives a fuck? Everyone wants to get a good life, so as you Expatriot. Money and quality of life, that's the object and was and always will be.
But there are some fuckers like Kudirka, who like to poor his shit now on the country he left and critisize the rest, who stayed.
I'd say "keep that shit to yourself, mate, you'll need it, nobody gives a fuck about you anyway"

ex patriot Tuesday, August 29, 2000, 18:48:48
It doesn't luck that Kudirka is very smart man. All patriots (especially at the Soviet Union times) are pure, lazy schizophrenics. People lived better when it was CCCP.Now all are running away from Lithuania.Nobody cares about the country future. EVERYBODY WANTS TO HAVE A LIFE NOW.How stupid the nation is, if they trusted the country to a musician (an other schizophrenic).

Sunday, August 13, 2000, 19:04:00

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